Family Farm Project Alumni

Farm School draws on the research of students participating in the Family Farm Project from 1994-1996.

Family Farm Project Alumni, 1994-1995 "Some people ask me, 'You might not ever live in a rural area again after you leave Kenyon. What good does it do you to understand this community or to know anything about farming? You're not going to be a farmer.' My response is that no matter where I am, the idea that I can reach out to a wider community than my own sphere is really important. The way it has enriched my Kenyon experience can also enrich my life."
Courtney Coughlin, Kenyon '95
Family Farm Project Alumni, 1995-1996 "Working on the Family Farm Project has made me rethink where my food comes from and why. It makes a big difference to me when I go the extra mile to stop and buy a tomato right from a farmer's stand along the road. The farmer and I can talk about how it was grown. As I eat it, I can think about all of the natural forces coming together to produce the tomato that nourishes me. In the process, I have gained knowledge about food and, more importantly, I have made a new friend. My sense of community has expanded."
Alisoun Davis, Kenyon '97

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