Types of Family Farms

farmer working in his barn
Although family farmers of Knox County share many features including hardwork, closeknit family relationships, a connection to the land, and a great passion for farming, the emergence of newer technologies has caused these family farms to become more diverse. Farming technology is more varied today than in years past with some farmers adopting the newest technologies while others continuing to use the farming practices of the past. The size of the family farm has become more diversified as a result of the emergence of newer technologies. While many farms remain only a few hundred acres, some have reached several thousand. The size of the family unit often determines the size of the farming operation. As families grow it is often necessary to enlarge the farm in order to support the growing family. The county has also experienced specialization in agriculture. Rather than all farms participating in the production of the same products each farm's production is unique. These similarities and differences make up family farming in Knox County today.

photo credit: Rachel Balkcom

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