Knox County Participants

The Family Farm Project is grateful to all of the farm families and community members who so warmly welcomed us into their homes and workplaces:

Jim and Joyce Acton, Gambier
Larry and Jenny Algire, Fredericktown
Ella Mae Bard, Mount Vernon
Gary and Linda Bebout and Family, Gambier
Mark Bennett, Mount Vernon
Donna Betcher, Mount Vernon
Edward and Monica Blanchard and Family, Howard-Danville
Cornelius Boss, Gambier
William and Katherine Brown and Family, Fredericktown
Maureen Buchwald, Gambier
Art and Joan Cassell and Family, Mount Vernon
Margaret Clemens, Gambier
Jake and Doris Craft, Fredericktown
Robert, Mary, and Dick Crise, Gambier
Pat Crow, Mount Vernon
Ron and Marilyn Elliott and Family, Gambier
Charles and Jacobine Engle, Gambier
Jerry Freewalt, Columbus
Doug Gifford, Mount Vernon
Dale and Kathleen Grassbaugh and Family, Mount Vernon
David Greer, Danville
Bruce Gregg, Fredericktown
Alva and Mary Hall and Family, Mount Vernon
Larry Hall, Mount Vernon
Darel and Lela Hathaway and Family, Fredericktown
Don and Janet Hawk and Family, Danville
Becky Hinch, Mount Vernon
Pastor Phil Hurlbert, Mount Vernon
Tammy Joseph, Gambier
P. Nick Kardulias, Gambier
Father Raymond Lavelle, Mount Vernon
Jane Laymon, Gambier
Steve Lovejoy, Gambier
Rev. Lloyd, Greer
Elaine Mackey, Mount Vernon
Ian and Yvonne Martin, Danville
Richard Mavis, Mount Vernon
David and Marcia McCoy, Fredericktown
John and Rita Norris and Family, Gambier
Tim and Jane Patrick, Danville
Harold and Millie Pealer, Mount Vernon
Dr. Clyde Purdy, Mount Vernon
Robert L. Rauzi, Mount Vernon
Emily Ross, Mount Vernon
Phil Samuell, Gambier
Dennis and Becky Shinaberry and Family, Fredericktown
Lawrence and Isabel Simmons, Mount Vernon
Jamie Smith, Gambier
Father Richard Snoke, Danville
Glen and Elsie Spray, Mount Vernon
Rex and Evelyn Spray, Mount Vernon
Neal Springer, Mount Vernon
Brian and Lanna Staats, Danville
Ned and Martha Staats and Family, Danville
Tom and Robyn Staats and Family, Danville
Gary Steinmetz, Gambier
William Stroud, Mount Vernon
Bill Westenbarger, Mount Vernon
Charles and Mary White, Gambier
Charles Whitney, Mount Vernon
Jody Wilson, Mount Vernon
Donald Woolson, Mount Vernon
Dan Younger, Mount Vernon

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