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Summer on the family farm in Knox County is characterized by the nurturing of the crop which is dependent upon the timely rains and heat. As Ron Elliott, a dairy farmer, said, the summer is "what makes the crop." Along with the norishment provided by the rain and the summer heat, the crops rely heavily on the attention of the farmer. Most farmers spend their summers caring for the land: watering, fertilizing and preparing for the autumn harvest. The summer is also the time for the caring of the family garden. Many family farmers plant secondary gardens for their own use, demonstrating a return to the general farm of the past.

One of the summer's biggest events, The Knox County Fair, gives farmers and their families the opportunity to display the crops and livestock they have been caring for and raising all summer long. It is a time of sharing, community and fun for all.

Although a large part of the summer months on the farm is devoted to growing and nurturing, summer also involves harvesting. After July 4th, farmers growing winter wheat begin their harvesting season. This season lasts clear into the fall, the time when other crops, such as corn and soybeans, are just beginning to be harvested. In no time at all, summer turns into fall.

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