Two Charts Explaining Differences in Farming Styles

Chart one shows equipment differences between no-till, reduced-till, and conventional-till farming:

This chart shows the different methods of farming visually

Chart two shows the difference between four different farming styles and also the percentages of crops grown in Knox County for each style:

Characteristics Conventional farming Reduced-till farming No-till farming Organic farming
Do farmers plow? yes some no yes
Do farmers use chemicals? varies varies yes no
Percent of soybeans grown in Knox County:10 %13%77%small percentage
Percent of corn grown in Knox County:20%27%53%small percentage
Percent of small grains grown in Knox County:46%39%15%small percentage
Advantages of each style:long traditionsignificant soil conservationgreatest soil conservation chemical-free food

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chart credit: William P. Cunningham (chart one)

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