The Farm Bill Alamanc reflects important planning dates, deadlines, and policies that are essential to those who want to participate in the USDA's programs.

April 10: Producers may end CRP contracts on certain land entering in before 1/1/95. Approved contract terminations on eligible land will become effective 60 days after the request is received by FSA office.

Late April: Intial 1996 Peanut program quotas will be mailed to operators. USDA will also notify operators and owners about out-of-county transfer porvisions and procedures for implementing transfer limitations.

Early May: FSA will provide farm base and yield notices to producers. These will be the basis for computing commodity payments under the bill.

May 1: Dairy marketing assessments end. USDA will make applicable refunds for the 1995 and 1996 marketing years at a later date.

By May 2: Producers of spring planted crops have until May 2, 1996, to obtain catastrophic risk protection coverage. Insurance policies during this window will be effective 10 days after the producer makes the application.

May 20-July12: USDA will begin sign-up for producers to enroll farms and sign Production Flexibility Contracts. Thirty days after FSA approves contracts, advance 1996 payments will be made.

August 1: Deadline for sign-up. No one can sign contracts after this date, except those with expiring CRP contracts.

Early Fall: USDA will allocate temporary seed quota for the 1996 peanut crop year to producers.

September 30: Final 1996 payments will be made to producers.

December 15, 1996 or January 15, 1997: 1997 crop advance payments may be made, at the option of the producer.

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