Lower Colorado River Species List

What follows are four lists of Colorado River species: native fish species, introduced fish species, endangered species, and locally extinct species (in the lower Colorado River). These species lists are by no means complete, but they are representative of the ecological condition of the lower Colorado River. Not all of the endangered and extinct species have necessarily been affected by the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam, but a great many have, either directly or indirectly.

Native Fish Species Introduced Fish Species Endangered Species Locally Extinct Species
humpback chub
razorback sucker
bluehead sucker
speckled dace
Colorado squawfish
roundtail chub
bonytail chub
fathead minnow
green sunfish
mosquito fish
rainbow trout
brook trout
brown trout
cutthroat trout
striped bass
largemouth bass
smallmouth bass
black crappie
bluegill sunfish
channel catfish
bald eagle
American peregrine falcon
belted kingfisher
southwestern willow flycatcher
kanab ambersnail
humpback chub
razorback sucker
moapa dace
virgin river chub
California brown pelican
Mojave tui chub
California clapper rail
light-footed clapper rail
desert pupfish
Hualapai Mexican vole
Sonoran pronghorn
Colorado squawfish
roundtail chub
bonytail chub
Yuma clapper rail
southwestern river otter
California condor

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