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To dam or not to dam? To Dam

Why don't you have many pros when it comes to damming? (on your main page? of the pros and cons of damming.) There aren't many pros for someone who is researching and would like to know more of the pros, such as the jobs dams provide, the increase of tourism,recreation,water storage and flood control ect.,ect. P.S. please post more. Sincerly, Dam debate in speec & vocab

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I disagree with what the first person said. It is very important to know how much dams are affecting society. Many people would agree that that there are many more Cons than pros because of the everlasting, horrible affects that dams have on the environment.

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I think we should not be able to continue the construct tion of dams. Its a waist of money, and the benefits do not out weigh the money. These rivers have damed up many of the indian fishing sites. The amount of Anoxic water each year grows larger, which can affect the aquatic life in theses rivers. Do not BUILD DAMS!