ENVS61 - Kenyon College's capstone course in environmental science

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The 1998-99 fall semester class consists of 22 students who composed the following research teams:

Biological/Ecological Sociological/Cultural Legal/Political Economic
Melisa Holman Kirstin Yogg Brian Kirkvold Ted Finn
Kelly Harkless Jacques Delori Jessica Walker Robert Wilson
Robert Lyles Beth Fincke Caitlin Baczuk Charles Sheldon
Ali Lacavaro Michelle de Tarnowsky Hayden Smith William Clifford
Paulo Riberio Andrew Bobick Marjorie Ross
Akilah Coates Carolyn Priemer
Jordan Parker

The course advisor is Scott E. Siddall, Adjunct Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Assistant Provost, Denison University.

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