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GM Health Hazards: Unknown Effects & Safety Assessment

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Along with these studied and precedented cases of problematic health impacts, there is the potential for any number of unknown effects of genetic engineering. It is almost impossible to determine how these genes will react when combined, as testing and methodology is inconsistent and gene manipulation is often unpredictable (Moseley 1999). By manipulating and playing with the natural makeup of organisms, we are taking great risks and creating irreversible damage for people and the natural environment.

Current safety assessment methods are not fully reliable or systematic. In many products, safety assessment measures have failed to detect evidence of dangerous toxins, allergens or antibiotics. Additionally, little is known about the safety of GMOs and what will be dangerous for consumers. If safety testing is not accurate, how can we know the effects of our food? The US government, compared with the EU, has been extremely apathetic about informing and protecting consumers from genetically modified foods. Without proper labeling, or access to information how can we even avoid GMOs?

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