The Lady Rosse Historical Society

The Lady Rosse Historical Society provides a means by which the history of Kenyon College can be preserved and publicized. The LRHS was founded in 1995 by Andrew S. Richmond and Matthew J. Gernstein, both 1996 graduates of Kenyon College. Both history majors, and both lovers of Kenyon history, they contracted the help of McIlvaine Professor of English, Perry Lentz, himself a 1964 graduate of the College. Under his shrewd guidance, Richmond and Gernstein founded the LRHS to help make the rich history of Kenyon College more known to the community. During its inaugural year, the LRHS participated in the Inauguration of Robert A. Oden, Jr. as 17th president of Kenyon College. It also began work on completing a new edition of A Dusty Path, a pictorial history of Kenyon by John Hattendorf K1964, which first appeared in his and Lentz's senior yearbook (the Reveille) This project is still in the works.

If you would like to take a look at some of our projects (most of which, we are still working on), follow these links:

A History of the Church of the Holy Spirit, by McIlvaine Professor of English, Perry Lentz

You might also want to check out The Papers of Philander Chase, a project which will culminate in the publication of the complete papers of Kenyon's founder, Bishop Philander Chase. Though not directly affiliate with the LRHS, it is a site devoted to Kenyon history and the project is directed by Society founder, Andrew Richmond.

For more information on the Lady Rosse Historical Society, its projects, or to be added to the growing list of members (we are very inclusive-- all who are interested in Kenyon history are invited to join), you can conact Jessica Kerley '01 at or Andrew Richmond '96 at

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