Holistic Practices

There are a variety of holistic practitioners in the Knox County area. A printed brochure entitled, "Guide to: Complementary Health Services–Promoting Health, Wellness, and an Understanding of Ourselves" lists eighteen individual practitioners in Knox County alone, and nine others in surrounding communities. Several of the definitions for the techniques are taken directly from this guide.

"Chiropractors seek to adjust "subluxations," misalignments of the spinal vertebrae, which interfere with the healthy functioning of the nervous system. Elimination of subluxations allows the nervous system to freely transmit impulses throughout the body which, in turn, assists the body in healing itself. This therapy is used extensively to treat back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as other disorders of the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems. Doctors of Chiropractic (D.C.) Have an Associate's degree, at minimum, followed by four years of study at a school of chiropractic. Chiropractors are licensed in all fifty states. Chiropractic treatment is covered by many medical insurance programs." (Feuerman and Handel 1997; 85)

Craniosacral Therapy
"[B]odily system based on manipulation of the cranial bones of the skull, called the craniosacral system. This system is composed of the layered membranes of the brain and spinal cord, the cerebral spinal fluid within this membrane, and the structures within the membrane system that control the flow of the fluid. Like the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the craniosacral system has its own rhythm and is thought to influence a wide variety of total body functions through its effect on the nervous and endocrine systems. Craniosacral therapists locate areas of restricted movement in the bones of the skull and the vertebrae and reestablish motion in these areas." (Feuerman and Handel 1997; 94)

Applied Kinesiology
"Is the study of muscle movement and the use of the muscles as a biofeedback mechanism to indicate the internal state of the body's energy system. Pressure or stimulation is applied to energy points on the body to help balance the energy flow and bring the body itself into better balance. Kinesiologists are certified at various levels." –Complementary Health Services Guide

Massage Therapy
"Is the use of a variety of massage techniques to calm the person and to promote healing. Massage therapy can be beneficial to almost everyone. Massage helps to stimulate the body's protection of endorphins, its immune response and general healing abilities. Massage Therapists are state certified and licensed." –Complementary Health Services Guide

"Is the use of essential oils or other scented products to produce physical and emotional effects on the body" –Complementary Health Services Guide

"Is based in Eastern (Oriental) philosophy and focuses on energy release and balancing; may involve some touch similar to Kinesiology and Therapeutic Touch." –Complementary Health Services Guide

"Is the application of pressure to various areas of the hands and feet to stimulate circulation, relaxation, and a sense of well-being. Applying the proper pressure to these areas helps to greatly relax the recipient and bring their body into a state of ‘normalcy.' Reflexologists are Certified through the various agencies and schools that teach the art." –Complementary Health Services Guide

Therapeutic Touch
"Also known as Laying on of the Hands, is a form of ‘touching' the body with the intent to do good. The practitioner concentrates on a positive outcome for the recipient of their touch. The ‘touch' can range from slight to mild in pressure, to not touching at all. (Simply the positive nearness of another person can sometimes bring about a welcome effect on someone.)" –Complementary Health Services Guide

Energy Balancing
"Is the focus on the subtle energy fields emanating from all living things and using hand and body movements to ‘smooth' or balance out this flow of energy." –Complementary Health Services Guide

"Is the use of hypnosis to help effect positive changes in a person's behavior and well-being." –Complementary Health Services Guide

Guided Imagery
"Uses the mind/body connection to help with the healing process. Thinking or imagining positive conditions for our bodies helps to bring about these positive and desired changes." –Complementary Health Services Guide