Patients in the Community

The residents of Knox County seek health care from a variety of different practitioners, through a variety of different systems. This investigation does not include any interviews with patients of holistic or allopathic therapies, and is therefore not able to make any direct conclusions about the personal motivations of these individuals.

The only information gathered about patients of alternative therapies, then, comes from the words of the practitioners. All holistic providers stated that more men than women utilize their services. Several attributed this to women being "more into emotional issues" than men. Otherwise, practitioners reported seeing fairly equal representation of patients from every age, religion, and socioeconomic class. Providers concluded that the majority of their patients seek out holistic therapies for treatment of chronic rather than acute conditions. Many patients are either thus likely seeking alternatives to allopathic services, or find that holistic practices serve as a good complement to biomedical care. Without information from the patients themselves, such conclusions, and any others, are informed conjecture.

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