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The Pioneer Bishop in Ohio: Life in Early Knox County through the Words of Philander Chase

Philander Chase left us a wonderful record of his life.  Through his Reminiscences, we can get a very detailed, and well-documented, record of Chase's work.  Through his personal letters, and those of his family, we see another side of Chase-- that of a devoted husband and father.  These letters also provide vivid descriptions of the many places in which Chase lived and those he visited.

The following presentation is based on a lecture delivered by Chase Papers editor, Andrew Richmond, at the Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County on September 6, 2000.  It has been modified from its original Microsoft PowerPoint format.  

All digital images not created by the editor have been linked to their sources.  Along with Chase's Reminiscences and other documents, as well as the linked sources, information and images were also obtained from five publications: A Dusty Path edited by John B. Hattendorf (Gambier: Kenyon College, 1964); The Life of Philander Chase by Laura Chase Smith (New York: E.P. Dutton and Co., 1903); Kenyon College: It's First Century by George Franklin Smythe (New Have: Yale University Press, 1924); History of Knox County, Ohio by A. Banning Norton (Columbus: Richard Nevins, 1862); and A History of Knox County Ohio by N. N. Hill, Jr. (Mount Vernon: A. A. Graham and Company, 1881)..


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