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Explanation of the Numbering System

The numbering system for all Chase documents is based on its date of creation or publication. It was initially developed for the collection of Chase letters held at Kenyon College (probably by the Rev. Dr. George Franklin Smythe--Kenyon professor and historian-- in the early part of the twentieth century). This system was chosen when the project focused only on those documents at Kenyon College.  When the project expanded, the continued use of the current system seemed more efficient (despite its bulkiness) than devising a new system.  The editors have adapted this system to give a unique identification number to each document. They can be translated as follows:

Letters and documents
The typical letter identification number reads L(YR)(MO)(DY). “YR” indicates the year written; “MO” indicates the month written; “DY” indicates the day written. Thus:

L241223 would read December 23, 1824 and:
L990705 would read July 5, 1799

“XX” indicates that the year is unknown. “13” in the month field indicates that the month is unknown. “32” in the day field indicates tha the day is unknown. Thus:

LXX0819 would read August 19, unknown year and:
L501304 would read the 4th of an unknown month in 1850 and:
L351132 would read an unknown day in November, 1835 and finally:
LXX1332 would indicate that no date is known.

In the event that two letters contain the same date, lower-case letters are added. Thus:

L200528 and L200528a are two different letters, both written on May 28, 1820

Journals are numbered in the same way that letters are, except that ”J” is used to indicate a journal and the ending date of the journal is used. Unknown dates are indicated in the same manner. Thus:

J240512 would be the journal concluding with May 12, 1824.

Sermon numbers are also identical to those of letters and journals except that “S” is used to indicate a sermon and the date used is the date the sermon was first delivered. Unknown dates are similarly indicated. Thus:

S180823 would be the sermon first delivered on August 23, 1818

Published Materials
Published materials are indicated by “P” and only by the year in which they were published. As with the letters, multiple publications in any one year are then assigned a lower-case letter. If the year of publication is unknown, “XX” is used as the year, and followed by a lower-case letter. As all the documents were published between 1800 and 1900, "P18" will begin all published materials' numbers. Thus:

P1818c would be the third publication of 1818 and:
P18XXa would be the first date-not-known publication

Please note: publications are not lettered according to the actual order in which they were published in any given year. Thus, P1824a was not necessarily published before P1824b.

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