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The Papers of Philander Chase

Chase Family Genealogy

Chase's parents (descendants of Thomas and Aquila Chase)

Chase and his siblings

Chase, his children, nieces, and nephews

Dudley Chase (1730-1814)
m.(1753) Alice Corbett (1733)-(1815)

John (1754)


Mercy (1755-?)
m.(1778) Stephen Child


Lois (1756-?)
m.(1779) Benjamin Smith


Simeon (1758-?)


Abigail (1759-1792)
m.(1779) John Morse

Intrepid Morse

Salmon (1761-?)


Ithamar (bp.1762-1817)
m.(1792) Janet Ralston

Salmon Portland (1808-1873)

Baruch (1764-?)


Alice (1765-1844)
m.(1789) Biby Lake Cotton


Sarah (1767-1825)
m. Jim Durkee


Daniel Corbett (1767-1798)


Heber (1770-1798)


Dudley (1771-?)


Rachel (1774-1858)
m.(1802) Dr. Joseph Denison


Philander (1775-1852)
m.(1796) Mary Fay; (1819) Sophia May Ingham

George (1797-1862)

Philander (1799-1824)


Edwin Dudley (1801)

Dudley (1816-1907)

Mary (1818)

Henry Ingham (1820-1896)

Mary (1822-1904)

Philander (1824-1872)


* According to the Parish Register of Chesham, England (where the Chase family originates), the lineage from Aquila (who immigrated to New England in 1640) to Dudley is as follows:
1. Aquila of Chesham, England, then Hampton, NH and Newbury, MA (1626-1670): Married Anne Wheeler of Salisbury, England (1620-1687), 1644
2. Moses of Newbury, MA (1663-1743): Married Anne Follansbee of Portsmouth, NH (ca.1668-1708), 1684
3. Daniel of Newbury, MA (1685-1769): Married Sarah March of Newbury, MA (1685-1770), 1706
4. "Judge" Samuel of Newbury, MA (1707-1800): Married Mary Dudley of Sutton, MA (1716-1789), 1728
5. Dudley of Sutton, MA, then Cornish, NH (1730-1814): Married Allace Corbett of Mendon, MA (1733-1815), 1753

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