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Portrait of George, Second Lord Kenyon
Oil on canvas
Location: Peirce Hall, Kenyon College

Map of early Kenyon and Gambier
Drawn by Henry Caswall, 1828

"The Bishop's Palace"
Drawn by Henry Caswall, 1828

Original plan for Kenyon College
Colored lithograph
ca. 1824
Design by Reverend Norman Nash
Spire designed by Charles Bulfinch

Kenyon College
Drawing, 1829

Old 74, one of the original college buildings

Gambier, ca. 1835

Photograph of Old Kenyon
ca. 1868

Old Kenyon fire
February 27, 1949
Nine students perished, the building was reconstructed like a giant puzzle, using the original stones

Rosse Hall
Originally built as the college chapel
in 1829, now serves as an auditorium

Bexley Hall
Served as seminary until 1970 when Bexley Hall left for New York, now houses the Art Department

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