Kenyon College

History 75
The Caribbean Basin
Professor Schoenhals
Fall 1997

The following books have been assigned:

Lectures, Class Reports, Assignments:

September 3 - Introduction to the Seminar

September 10 - Library Resources on the Caribbean
Assignment: Alvarez, pp. 1-199.

September 17 - The Spanish-Speaking Caribbean (I)
Report: The Dominican Republic: A Survey
Report: Trujillo and the USA
Assignment: Alvarez, conclude. Aquino, pp. 1-89
All Term Paper Topics are Due!

September 24 - No Seminar

October 1- The Spanish-Speaking Caribbean(II)
Report: The 1965 Revolution, Civil War and Intervention.
Report: Cuba - A Survey
Assignment: Aquino, conclude. Balfour, entire.

October 8 - The Spanish-Speaking Caribbean(III)
Report: Cuba During the "Special Period."
Report: Puerto Rico - A Survey
Assignment: CIA Targets Fidel, entire.

October 15 - The Anglophone Caribbean(I)
Report: Jamaica - A Survey
Report: Belize - A Survey
Assignment: Lamming, pp. 1-125

October 22 - The Anglophone Caribbean(II)
Report: Barbados - A Survey
Report: The Grenadian Revolution
Assignment:Lamming, pp. 129-282.

October 29 -The French-Speaking Caribbean
Report: Haiti - Slave Revolt Against France
Report: Haiti Since the Duvaliers

November 5
Report: Caribbean Music
All Term Papers Are Due!

November 12 - The Dutch-Speaking Caribbean
Report: The ABC Islands
Report: The Three S's
Assignment: Campbell, entire

November 19
Report: Tourism in the Caribbean
Assignment: Pattulo, entire

December 3
Report: Environmental Problems in the Caribbean
Assignment: Colchester, entire

December 10 - Caribbean Party!

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Edited: 07-14-97

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