Instructor: Bruce Kinzer            Office Hours: Mon. & Wed. 9:30-Noon; Thurs. 9:30-11:00

Office: Seitz 3                           Office Phone: 5318                   Home Phone: 393-0341


History majors need to understand the nature of historical inquiry.  Instrumental to that understanding is a firm grasp of the methods essential to the study and writing of history.  This course will focus on the ways historians think about history and the modes they employ in the doing of history.  We will consider the meaning of historical questions; explore issues related to historical consciousness and problems intrinsic to the philosophy of history; engage in the classification of sources, the evaluation of evidence, and the analysis of argument.  While grappling with problems of theory throughout the course, students will also be investigating their own research topic, chosen in consultation with the instructor.  The topic selected must be one for which both primary and secondary sources are readily accessible.  By September 29 each student will submit a 250-word statement explaining the nature and scope of the subject and the central question the research intends to address.  Accompanying this proposal will be a preliminary annotated bibliography.  The first draft of this essay will be due on November 10, and its final version on December 13. 


Grading Scheme


Participation                                                                                                                 20% 


Research Proposal and Preliminary Annotated Bibliography (due Sept. 29)                    10%


First Draft of Research Essay (3000 words; due Nov. 10)                                             20%


Final Version of Research Paper (3500 words; due Dec. 13 )                           30%


Four Document Interpretation Papers (750 words each)                                                20%



The instructor takes it for granted that all assignments will be submitted on time.  Students should take it for granted that grades for participation will be adversely affected by anything less than a stellar record of attendance.


Any student with a disability bearing upon the carrying out of assigned work should contact the Office of Disability Services at Ex. 5453.  The Coordinator of Disability Services is Erin Salva (salvae@kenyon.edu).  She will review your concerns in order to determine what accommodations are appropriate.  All information and documentation of disability remain confidential.


The Books


Richard Evans, Lying About Hitler


Alan B. Spitzer, Historical Truths and Lies About the Past


William K. Storey, Writing History


John Tosh, The Pursuit of History


Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations


Jon Wiener, Historians in Trouble





August 30:        Introduction to Course


Sept 1:             Storey, Chapter 1; Tosh, pp. ix-xxii


Sept. 6:            Tosh, Chapters 1-2


Sept. 8:            Tosh, Chapter 3


Sept. 13:          Tosh, Chapter 4; Storey, Chapter 2; Sample Document Analysis          


Sept. 15:          Tosh, Chapter 5; Storey, Chapter 3; Sample Document Analysis


Sept. 20:          Tosh, Chapter 6; Storey, Chapter 4; First Document Paper Due                       


Sept. 22:          Tosh, Chapter 7


Sept. 27:          Tosh, Chapters 8-9


Sept. 29:          Research Proposals and Bibliographies Due—Discussion of Proposals


Oct. 4:              Tosh, Chapters 10-11 and Conclusion; Second Document Paper Due


Oct. 6:              Wiener, Introduction and Part I            


Oct. 13:            Wiener, Part II; Storey, Chapters 5-6


Oct. 18:            Wiener, pp. 168-214; Storey, Chapter 7; Third Document Paper Due


Oct. 20:            Spitzer, Introduction and Chapter 1; Storey, Chapter 8


Oct. 25:            Spitzer, Chapter 2; Storey, Chapter 9


Oct. 27:            Spitzer, Chapter 3


Nov. 1: Spitzer, Chapter 4 and Conclusion; Fourth Document Paper Due


Nov. 3: Evans, Preface and Chapter 1; Storey, Chapter 10


Nov. 8: Evans, Chapter 2


Nov. 10:           First Draft of Research Essay Due; Students Report on Their Research Experience


Nov. 15:           Evans, Chapter 3


Nov. 17:           Evans, Chapter 4


Nov. 29:           Evans, Chapter 5


Dec. 1:             Evans, Chapter 6


Dec. 6  :           Evans, Chapter 7


Dec. 8:             Students Report on the Experience of Revision and Expansion of Research Essay


Dec. 13:           Students Report on the Experience of Revision and Expansion of Research Essay;

                        Final Version of Research Essay Due