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                                                            REED ST. CLAIR BROWNING


                                                                    KENYON COLLEGE


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Date of birth:   August 26, 1938

Place of birth:  New York City

Citizenship:     American

Office Phone:   (740)-427‑5642

Home Phone:    (740)-427‑3155          




Dartmouth College, 1956‑60; A.B., 1960: summa cum laude

Yale University, 1960‑62, 1963‑64; Ph.D., 1965                               

University of Vienna, 1962‑63




2005-                Roy T. Wortman Distinguished Professor of History

1994-             Professor of History (again), Kenyon College   

1987-1994         Provost, Kenyon College

1989 (July-Dec.) Acting President, Kenyon College

1986‑1987        Acting Provost, Kenyon College

1976‑Present     Professor of History, Kenyon College

1969‑1976        Associate Professor of History, Kenyon College

1967‑1969        Assistant Professor of History, Kenyon College

1965‑1967        Assistant Professor of History, Amherst College

1964‑1965        Instructor in History, Amherst College

1964                    Assistant in Instruction, Yale University




Eighteenth‑century Britain   

Eighteenth‑century Europe

Baseball History




Survey of European History since 1650

Early Modern Europe, 1500-1815

Survey of American History

History of Britain

European Diplomatic and Military History, 1555-1815

Tudor and Stuart England

Georgian Britain

Victorian Britain

Twentieth‑Century Britain

The British Empire and Commonwealth

Europe in the Eighteenth Century

History of Ireland

The American Revolution

The Industrial Revolution in Europe

Colonial America

Culture Clash in Colonial North America

Topics in Austrian History

History of the Habsburg Empire

Autobiography and History

Practice and Theory [in History]

Senior Thesis Seminar

The Odyssey of the West (IPHS)     


Directed Ph.D. dissertation, Cambridge University, 1978‑80   




Recipient of Senior Trustee Teaching Excellence Award, April 2001

First recipient of the Senior Cup, awarded by the graduating class of Kenyon College for excellence in teaching, 1981    

Baccalaureate speaker at Kenyon College, 1973, 1979, 2005 (chosen by graduating class) 




The Duke of Newcastle (Yale University Press, 1975).        

Political and Constitutional Ideas of the Court Whigs (Louisiana State University Press, 1982).

The War of the Austrian Succession (St. Martin's, 1993).  This book was a selection of the History Book Club.

Cy Young: A Baseball Life (University of Massachusetts Press, 2000).  This book won the Casey Award from Spitball magazine as the best baseball book of 2000 and was runner-up for the Seymour Medal from SABR for the best baseball book of 2000.

Baseball’s Greatest Season, 1924 (University of Massachusetts Press, 2003). This             book was nominated for the Seymour Medal.






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Note: for many years I reviewed books in eighteenth-century British history and baseball history for Choice.




"Britain in the Age of the American Revolution," presented at the Conference on the Bicentennial, Bowling Green State University, October 1976.

"Sir Robert Walpole: Cicero Redivivus," presented at the annual meeting of the Ohio Academy of History, Columbus, April 1978.

"Court Whiggery: The Missing Crux," presented at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association, San Francisco, December 1978.

"The Significance of the War of the Austrian Succession," presented at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association, Washington, D.C., December 1982.

"Eighteenth‑Century Political Thought," presented at the Ohio Conference for the Study of Political Thought, Gambier, Ohio, December 1984.

"Handel's London: Where Iron Swims and Feathers Sink," Symposium on Handel's Messiah, sponsored by Columbus Pro Musica, March 1989.

"The Noble Dream and the Dreamy Noble," Common Hour talk at Kenyon, Gambier, Ohio, December 1991.

"Austria in the War of the Austrian Succession," Center for Slavic and East European Studies, Columbus, Ohio, November 1995.

"The Myth of the Lively Ball: An Exploration into Baseball History," Common Hour Talk at Kenyon, Gambier, Ohio, March 1996.

"Who Was Cy Young?," Common Hour talk at Kenyon, November 2, 1996.

"The British Labor Party in World Affairs: Past Practice and Present Prospects," presented to Cleveland Council on World Affairs, The John Hay Forum, The English Speaking Union, and Kenyon Regional Association of Cleveland, at The City Club, Cleveland, November 1, 1996; repeated at Common Hour at Kenyon, April 3, 1997

"The British General Election of 1997," to Kenyon Today gathering, May 2, 1997, at Kenyon.

"Aix-la-Chapelle: A Forgotten Treaty," at Common Hour, Kenyon College, November 3, 1998.

“The Achievement of Jeremy Black,” at Common Hour, Kenyon College, November 13,             2002

“New Views of the Silesian Wars,” at Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, Washington D.C., January 2004




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Discussion of the life of Cy Young, on WMVO ("Kilkenny in the Morning" show), October 14, 1996.

Talk on baseball in 1924, Gahanna PublicLibrary, March 10, 2004

Interview (about Baseball’s Greatest Season, 1924) on WERE (Cleveland), March             25, 2004




Fulbright Commission (Austria), 1962‑63

American Philosophical Society (United States), 1968

National Endowment for the Humanities (United Kingdom), 1969

American Council of Learned Societies (United Kingdom), 1975

National Endowment for the Humanities (Austria and the United Kingdom), 1984

Fulbright Commission (Western Europe), 1985‑86 - declined.

National Endowment for the Humanities (Director of Summer

Seminar for Secondary School Teachers), 1986

Kenyon College (Faculty Development Grant), 1968-69, 1972-73, 1982-83, 1984-85, 1996-97, 2001 (before 1996-97 the years are approximate)




Member, Jacob Javits Fellowship Board, 1985‑86

Advisory Editor for British History, Eighteenth‑Century Studies, 1985‑87

Scholar‑Consultant for Medieval and Modern Europe (England), Books for College Libraries, 3rd edition (Chicago: American Library Association, 1989).

Member, Ohio Academy of History

Member, Society for American Baseball Research   

Member, The Historical Society




Coordinator of Kenyon Seminar, 2002-

Coordinator of European History, SCAP, 1998-2001

Provost, Kenyon College, 1986-94

Acting President, June through December, 1989.             

Chair of Department of History, 1972‑73, 1979‑1986.        

Director and Coordinator of SCAP, 1980‑1985.        

Chair of Committee on Religious Life, 1984‑85.        

Chair of the Post‑Graduate Opportunities Committee, 1979‑80. 

Co‑Organizer of Faculty Summer Seminar, 1977.        

Chair of Academic Advising Committee, 1976‑78.        

Chair of Faculty Council, 1973‑74.        

Chair of Campus Senate, 1971‑72.        

Chair of the Social Science Division, 1970‑71.