History is....

the study of past human activity in all its variety across the world. Historians seek to identify those events and people that were important to the past, as well as those that continue to be important to the present. The indispensable perspective of time enables us to transcend our parochial horizons. Through investigation, analysis, writing, discussion, and appreciation of our past, we come to a better understanding of ourselves and the general human condition.
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History Projects on the Web

  North by South: The Great Migrations
1997-98 NEH project: African American migrations from Charleston, S.C. to Harlem
  Fly Away: The Great Migrations
1998-99 project: African American migrations from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago 
  Marginality and Community 
in Medieval Europe
  Mbira: Constraint and Mobility 
in Shona Society
  Culture Clash:
Why The Humanitarian Movement In Australia Failed In The First Half Of The 19th Century
  The Sixties, Chicago, and the AACM:
links between free jazz and the 
Black Power movement
  Bob Dylan: Loneliness and 
Individualism in America
  Hired and Fired:
The Effects of World War II 
on Women's Employment
  Philander Chase Papers   Sex Classification and the United States Supreme Court
  Christ Church At The Quarry   Other Kenyon Academic Projects
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