Religious Studies Majors Abroad


André Blejwas '00

André (3rd from right, rear) with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican (1999). André participated in a summer program in Rome on Polish culture.

Holly Donahue '00

Holly and Emily

Holly (right) with Emily Atwood '00 (Religion minor) in front of the Bhutanese Temple in Bodh-gaya.

Tibetan monks

Tibetan monks gathered near the Bodhi Tree.

Bodhi Tree

Paying respects before the Bodhi Tree.


Rebecca White '00

White 1 White 2
Becky dressed in traditional Thai garb in her host family's meditation room Next to the largest reclining Buddha in the world (Bangkok).
White 3 White 4
In front of a stupa in the old city of Sukothai. Loy Kratong festival: setting free a kratong and making a wish to the river.