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The Major in Religious Studies

Part 2 of the Senior Exercise in Religious Studies
  1. This is a short-answer, objective exam, consisting of 100 questions covering all seven traditions/areas taught in the Department, plus theories and methods in the study of religion. The traditions/areas are:
    1. Judaism
    2. Christianity
    3. Religions of the Americas
    4. Islam
    5. South Asian religions
    6. Buddhism
    7. East Asian religions
    The theory/methodology questions will be based on material from Religion 101 (or 102 or 103), Approaches to the Study of Religion, and Senior Seminar.

  2. Format: One-word or short sentence definitions.
    Q. The name of the Fourth Gospel is _______________ .
    A. The Gospel of John

  3. Dates: TBA.

  4. Passing/Failing: An overall score of 65% is needed to pass the exam. Students who fail to attain a passing grade will be allowed to retake it once. Students will be notified of their grade by the Chair one week after taking the exam. Those who have failed will arrange at that time a second attempt. A failure in the second attempt will constitute failure to pass the requirements for completion of the Senior Exercise.

  5. Students are advised to consult with the Chair and/or individual faculty well in advance if they have questions about the examination areas.

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