A Gnostic Glossary

Aeons: inhabitants of the Pleroma

Archons: evil rulers of this world

Alien: 1) the unknown high God; 2) the gnostic; 3) that which does not belong here

Awakening: effect of gnostic call

Beyond, the Other World: The Pleroma

Dwelling or House: 1) this world; 2) the body

Egypt: The material world

Fall, sinking, capture: 1) pre-cosmic fall of divine principle; 2) the gnostic fate without gnosis

Forlornness, dread, homesickness: gnostic longing for realm of Light

Gnosis: (saving) knowledge

Heavenly garment: pneumatic self

Hyle: Matter (irredeemably evil)

Impure garment: body

Numbness, sleep, or intoxication: ignorant state in this world

Pleroma: "fullness". The realm of Light; the gnostic heaven

Pneumatic: the spiritual elect; the divine spark

Race of Seth: Gnostic elect

Sophia: 1)Last aeon in the pleroma; 2) the Mother or female divine principle

Psychic: people of mixed hylic/pneumatic nature

Sea or Water: World of darkness into which the divine has sunk; forces of chaos

Serpent: 1) bringer of wisdom or 2) forces of chaos, evil principle: "The outer darkness is a huge serpent whose tail is in its mouth