Maimonidean Philosophical Terms

Anthropopathic: Describing God as subject to human emotions such as anger, love, or envy.

Intelligence: Emanations from God understood as Pure Thought. Each intelligence contemplates (thinks) itself and the one above it, and thus generates the next Intelligence.

Knowledge: Apprehension of God

Neo-Aristotelianism: Term for Aristotle as understood by medieval thinkers, who thought Plotinus' Ninth Ennead was written by Aristotle. So, an Aristotle informed by Platonist ideas (itself complicated because Plotinus believed he was a Platonist philosopher, but his ideas are so original that most philosophers term his thought "Neoplatonism"). Naturalism plus Forms.

Providence: Divine guardianship, but we can separate from it by turning away from thoughts of God.

Worship: Intellectual pursuit of divine understanding plus passionate devotion to God