Assignment: Week 1

1. Everyone read the introduction to Martin's Hellenistic Religions, Chapter 1, and the handout from Apuleius' Metamorphoses.

2. With your study partner, read from Chapter 3 the first section "mystery deities" and your focus section together :

The sections on The Mysteries and Eleusinian mysteries (pages 60-72)

The sections on Isis and The Universal Goddess (pages 72-84)

3. Together, decide three major points Martin makes in your focus section and write them down. Can you find anything in the handout from Apuleius that illustrates any of these points? Or anything that contrasts with them? Write these examples down too along with any questions that you have about either the reading or the handout.

4. Look up at least one word you don't know and write down the definition and give an example of it.

5. Bring to class on Friday. The total writing - three major points, examples, definition - should be 1-2 typed pages.