Abulafian Glossary

filling: spelling out a letter. Example: K = KAF

gematria: numerical equivalents of Hebrew letters

jumping: forming acronyms of phrases, either by using initial, medial, or terminal letters, or combinations thereof

leaping: free association from one permutated word to another. Example: gdul - sruf

"mentioning" the Holy Names: intonation and breathing techniques, also a code for pronouncing the Holy Name

moving a word: take the consonants of a word, and "move" through each pair using vowels in sequence, breathing and moving one's head in accordance with each vowel

movement of letters by vowels: how to move one's head by following the shape of the vowel

permutation: re-arranging letters of a word (arrangements do not have to make sense).
Example: saw = aws, swa, asw, was, wsa

transformation: integrating letter aleph with each letter of the name of God. Then move each pair through the vowel sounds