The Prophetic Tradition in Israel

A. Types of prophecy

1. Divination (associated with priests)
--ephod, lots, “inquiring” through dreams
2. Whipping up the populace for war
--court prophets
3. Reality check: the truth tellers
4. Legitimate or de-legimate monarchy
5. Associated with groups “sons of prophets” and cult centers

B. The rhetoric of prophecy

1. Responsibility for speech rests with G-d
2. Messenger format: Thus says the Lord
3. Reminder and reassertion, not revelation
4. Uncontested terms; self-evident logic
5. Not rational (charismatic)
6. Engagement of society demanded
7. Speaks in time of crisis

C. The rhetoric of radical reform

1. Sense of mission
2. Uncompromising stand towards reluctant audience
3. Bringing people into accord with sacred principles