Israelite - Judean Religion 900 - 600 BCE

1. National deity -- YHVH

A. Does not deny existence of other gods

B. Attributes of Canaanite creator god El (everlasting): seated on divine throne with angelic host

C. Attributes of Canaanite storm god Baal: riding on chariot with battle imagery

D. Features of nomadic family or ancestral deity

2. Worshipped on "high places": hilltop shrines, cult pillars, wooden poles

3. Temple at Jerusalem typical Canaanite shrine with "holy of holies"

4. Aniconic tendencies

5. Sacrifices: communal and sin offerings

5. Pilgrimage and festivals: 2 spring and 1 fall

6. Prophets play prominent role in foundation and maintenance of monarchy

7. Royal theology: elevated status of king, unconditional promises of divine protection