J, E, P in the Patriarchal Narratives, Genesis 15 - 30

Two Covenants

J: Genesis 15: Covenant I

P: Genesis 17: G-d called El Shaddai; no mention of earlier covenant

Two Hagar Narratives

J: Genesis 16

E: Genesis 21: 9-21

Two Isaac Narratives

P: Genesis 17, 15-22

J: Genesis 18: 9-18

The Lot Narratives

J: Genesis 18, 19

Two Wife/Sister Episodes

J: Genesis 12:10-20 (King of Egypt)

E: Genesis 20: 1-18 (King of Gerar)

The Sacrifice of Isaac

JE blended in one narrative: Genesis 22

Isaac and Rebecca; Birth of Esau and Jacob; Jacob Steals the Birthright

J: Genesis 24-26

Two Blessings and Farewells

J: Genesis 27: 1-45

P: Genesis 28: 1-5

Jacob's Dream

JE blended