The Deuteronomist Historical Books: Perspectives

I. Themes

A. Obedience = prosperity
B. Obedience isn't enough: people must love G-d
C. Idolatry must be eradicated
D. Centralization of worship
E. Royal covenant theology of Judah
F. Kings judged by adherence to these standards

II. The Deuteronomist historical format: Judah

A. In the year x, king of Israel: x of Judah began to reign
B. Facts about age, length of reign, name, and mother
C. Evaluation of standing in comparison to David
D. “now the rest of the acts of x are written in the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah”
E. Concluding statement that x slept with his ancestors and x becomes the king

III. The Deuteronomist historical format: Israel

A. In the year of x, King of Judah, x, king of Israel began his reign
B. Facts about length of reign and place of capital
C. Censure because “he did what was evil in the sight of YHVH”
D. “Now the rest of the acts of x, are they not written in the Chronicles of the Kings of Israel?”
E. Concluding statement that he slept with his ancestors, and x reigned in his stead