Group Projects: List of Members

The New Testament and Antisemitism: April 26 Initial meeting Tuesday March 29 at 4

Second meeting: Tuesday, April 12 at 4: Third meeting? Dress rehearsal Saturday, April 23 at 3

_______David W__________

_______Lucas R__________

_______Matt Bright_____________

_____________________Bob Selbe



The New Testament and Women: April 28:  Initial meeting: Weds. March 30 at 11

Second meeting Monday, April 11 at 4 PM ; Third meeting Weds., April 20 at 11; Dress rehearsal Saturday, April 23 at 2

_______Anna W________________________

____Adrian G__________________________

______Max D____________________________

_____Justin W___________________________

______Gregory S____________________________

The New Testament and Family Values: May 3:  Initial meeting Monday March 28 at 3

Second meeting: Monday, April 11 at 3 PM; Third meeting Monday April 25 at 3; Dress rehearsal Sunday May 1 at 1 PM

____________Matt T_____________________

____________Sarah G_________________

_____________Aaron D_______________

____________Reed F_______________

_______________Noel W________________

____________Richard P______________________


The New Testament: Peace or Violence?: May 5:  Initial meetingTuesday, March 29 at 12:30

Second meeting Thursday, April 14 at 12:30; Third meeting Thursday April 21 at 12:30; Dress rehearsal Monday, May 2 at 2 PM in Ascension 02

_____Tim N________________________

____Jared R_________________________

____Elizabeth D'Arcy___________________

_______Ahmad Hadad_____________________

________Amelia T____________________________

_________Charles S____________________________