What's in the Triple Tradition?

I. What's not there: infancy narratives

A. The Triple Tradition starts with John the Baptist

1. Baptism of Jesus and his temptation

2. Rejection by hometown; Jesus's true relatives

3. Herod thinks John the Baptist has been raised

II. Healing and other miracle stories

A. The unclean spirit, Peter's mother in law, healing the sick, the leper, the paralytic, the man with the withered hand, Jairus' daughter

B. Calming the storm, the Gadarene swine, feeding the multitudes, plucking grain on the Sabbath, the boy with the spirit

III. Teaching stories and gathering followers

A. Proclaims message throughout the Galilee

B. Call of Levi/Matthew, call of the disciples

C. Parables: the sower, the mustard seed, the rich man, why speak in parables

D. Jesus blesses the children

IV. Pronouncements

A. Against divorce

B. Fastings sayings: wedding guests, old cloth, old wineskins

C. A house divided, a strong man's house

D. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

E. Stumbling block sayings

V. Predictions of Jesus's death

A. Who are you? Cost of discipleship

B. Transfiguration

VI. The Passion Narrative

A. Prelude

1. Entry into Jerusalem, Jesus cleanses the temple, paying taxes to Caesar, questions about the resurrection

2. The great commandment, David's son, beware of scribes, prediction of Temple's destruction

3. Impending apocalypse and persecution, the great sacrilege and the coming Son of Man

4. Parable of the fig tree, need for watchfulness

B. Events

1. The conspiracy against Jesus, Judas, and passover preparation

2. The last supper, the traitor and prediction of Peter's denial

3. Jesus in Gethsemane, Jesus captured

4. The trial and Peter's denial

5. Pontius Pilate and Barabbas

6. Jesus carries his cross, Simon of Cyrene

7. Crucifixion, death, and the empty tomb