Pauline Terminology

Law (Torah) leads to wrath and transgression because people cannot do what the law requires.

People cannot become righteous (be justified) through their own actions.

People are now justified through faith in Jesus.

Salvation is acquired through God's grace, if one has faith.

Jesus died for our sins, thus atoning for people's inabilities do act righteously.

This one-time sacrifice broke the power of sin in the world and now people can act righteously through God's gracious gift.

Christians live in the Spirit (of God, of Christ, of life in Christ).

Questions for Future Groups of Christians to Ponder

1. If Christians are "free from the law", which laws do they have to uphold? Some? None?

2. What is the relationship between faith and actions? Do actions matter? In what way?

3. If what you believe, not what you do, saves you, then correct belief is critical. How does one judge correct belief?

4. Is everyone justified "in Christ"? What about those who don't know about him, or who choose not to know about him?

5. Can one be sure of one's justification?