Pauline Terminology:  Insights


An active force in revealing God to humans

A being or a presence?

Something that connects one to God

Something that teaches humans about God

Not the same as the "spirit of the world"

A mechanism through which God is revealed to humans, and also present in God

An internal, pervasive force in God and humans

Distinct from God yet also part of God

Gives power to the Son of God


A divine being who reconciles humans to God

Equated with the Son of God

An agent of God

The traditional Messiah of Judaism (a human being)

Christ has received "the spirit of holiness" so Christ and the Spirit are different

Becomes Son of God after his resurrection from the dead

Christ is God's messenger

As Son of God, endowed with special powers

Different from other human beings with a special role

Was once human but no longer is regarded in that way


Term for God

But also for Jesus?

Possibly Christ becomes Lord after his resurrection

Perhaps Paul's way of addressing aspects of God together (Father and Spirit)


Father and creator of the Universe

The God of Judaism