The Structure of Mark: Chapters 1-6

I. Begins with Jesus's adult life: no birth narrative

A. The descent of the Holy Spirit marks his adoption by God and signals his future

B. Gathers disciples, becomes known as a teacher, proclaims message

C. Heals: man with unclean spirit, the leper

II. Embroiled in conflict: the paralytic, eating with sinners, questions about fasting, man with withered hand

III. Chooses 12 disciples

A. Accused of "having a demon"

B. Rejects family

IV. Teaches in parables

A. The sower, the lamp, the planted seed, the mustard seed

B. Controls nature: stilling the storm

V. Encounters with outsiders

A. The Gerasene swine, woman with flow of blood, Jairus's daughter

VI. Rejection by family

A. Commissions the 12

B. Flashback: death of John the Baptist

C. Feeding the multitude

D. Walking on water


1. Faith in the improbable and incomprehensible

2. Hidden identity

3. Outsiders vs. insiders

4. Jesus's Offensiveness

5. Jesus's Source of power