Mark Chapters 6-9

Chapter 6

14-29:  Flashback:  Death of John the Baptist

30-44:  Feeding the five thousand

45-52:  Walking on water

53-55:  Jesus heals


Chapter 7

1-14:  Controversy with Pharisees over defilement and Qurban laws

17-23:  Jesus declares all foods clean

24-30:  The Syro-Phoenician woman

31-37:  Jesus cures a deaf man


Chapter 8

1-10:  Jesus feeds four thousand

11-13:  Pharisees demand a sign

14-21:  Disciples are confused over the double feeding episodes

22-26: Jesus heals a blind man (in stages)

27-30:  Jesus asks if they understand his identity

31-38:  Jesus teaches a new conception of Messiahfirst prediction of his death


Chapter 9

1-9:  Jesus is transfigured

10-14:  The meaning of transfiguration: prediction of resurrection

14-29:  Healing of the boy with a spirit

30-32:  Second prediction of suffering and death

33-37:  Who is the greatest?

38-41:  Who has Jesus's power?

42-49:  Offensiveness and its cost