Structure of Mark:  Chapters 14-16

Chapter 14: 

Two days before Passover

Woman with the alabaster jar

Judas resolves to betray Jesus to the authorities

The day before Passover

Jesus tells them a location for the Passover meal

Passover meal

Prediction of betrayal

Institution of Eucharist

On the Mount of Olives:   Peter's denial

Jesus prays; disciples fall asleep

Jesus arrested

Jesus before the high priest

Peter's Denial

Chapter 15: 

the next morning (Friday)

Jesus taken before Pilate

Barabbas and the crowd; Jesus condemned to die

Soldiers mock Jesus

Jesus is crucified (Friday afternoon)

The centurion

Women plan for his burial

Chapter 16 (to verse 8):

Sunday morning

Women arrive at the tomb

Women flee in terror