Like Paul Unlike Paul Like the Gospels Unlike the Gospels
High Christology Believers share in the resurrection now Opening hymn like John's gospel Christians have spiritual circumcision
Repudiation of the flesh Baptism creates new community Jesus abolishes Judaism (Mark) Jesus abolishes Judaism (Matthew)
Celebrates Christian ideas linked to Judaism Elevates Christ above Judaism New kingdom is now (John) Rules for Christian households
Emphasizes Christ over legalism Food concerns are now in the past Jesus's death has redemptive significance  
  Threats are from outside, not from Judaism Jesus as a cosmic being (John)  
  Ethics for the long haul    
  Christ as founder of the Church    


Jesus's resurrection is salvation likens Jesus to Melchisedek Jesus is the Son of God Emphasizes new covenant
Emphasizes new covenant Takes basic message for granted The kingdom is now (John) Likens Jesus to Melchisedek
  Resurrection less important than death Uses Hebrew Bible proof texts Does not emphasize Jesus' teachings
    Traces Christianity to Abraham (Matthew)  
    Covenant sealed in blood  
    Jesus's sacrifice abolishes Judaism  
    Jesus is like a high priest