Acts of the Apostles: Sequence of Events

Chapters 1-4

Chapter 1: Disciples become apostles

1. Connection between Jesus and apostles made: apostles are given instructions that they will become leaders

2. They all act together and return to Jerusalem

3. Judas' bad end is explained as having been foretold by David

4. Twelfth apostle chosen

5. Definition of apostle: someone who was with Jesus from his baptism until his resurrection

II. Chapter 2: Descent of the Holy Spirit

1. Occurs on Pentecost (Jewish festival)

2. Spirit rests upon them all (all 120?)

3. Only Peter's speech recorded

--Prediction of last days

--Jesus was a "man of power" illegally killed

--He was resurrected

--All foretold by David, a prophet

--He is Lord and Messiah

--Repent and be baptized and received the gifts of the Spirit

4. First converts made

5. They live an ideal, communal life

6. They worship in the temple

III. Chapter 3: Peter heals a beggar in Jesus's name

1. Peter accuses the Jews of rejecting the "Holy and Righteous One"

2. Jesus is in line with other rejected prophets

IV. Chapter 4: Peter and John arrested

1. Peter and John are arrested by the Sadducees, handed over to elders, scribes, and priests

2. Peter declares that salvation comes only through belief in Jesus