Are there Impediments to Women's Full Participation in Christian Leadership?

Impediments   Possible Solutions
A Static World View  
Social Systems Change over Time
Christ's Maleness is deemed central  
Christ's humanity is deemed central
Christ viewed in a masculine context   Restore Jesus's association with women
Biblical stories present women as sinful  
Less literalist view of Bible
Tendency of leadership to obey authority  
Churches that have less hierarchical structure
Jesus did not choose women as apostles  
Recognition of exclusion of Mary Magdalene
Language of divinity is masculine  
Restore female divine images such as Sophia
Local tradition continues to exclude women  
Concerted efforts by leaders to change attitudes
Images of Jesus as ruling the world  
Images of Jesus as empowering the weak
Christian churches have stood outside the social arguments over women's, black, and gay rights  
Christian churches should engage with contemporary society
Men have more trouble imagining women in full leadership positions than women do  
Recognize women's historical roles as martyrs, saints, visionaries and leaders
Cultural factors have been more important than religious ones   Recognition of culture's impact on Christianity