Unamuno Insights

Missing the Point

Has some insights to offer

1. Agony and suffering are the lot of sinners, not the saved 1. Inner peace requires struggle and suffering.
2. Jesus suffered so humans don't have to 2. Faith cannot ever be "known", so doubt is inevitable
3. The teachings of Jesus are just as important as his death 3. the tension between the material and the spiritual are part of Christianity
4. Christianity as a way of life is about ethics, not just struggle 4. Deep love comes from deep suffering.
5. Christianity is a social institution, not just a bunch of individuals 5. Although there is a church, each Christian must individually have faith
6. Christianity is supposed to offer a remedy for despair, not cause it 6. The Eucharist is a symbolic participation in Christ's death
7. Christianity is both a doctrine and a way of life 7. The death and resurrection of Jesus is central to Christianity
  8. Doubt gives life to Christianity by engaging each individual
  9. Peter's redemption comes only after he has denied Christ.