Mormons and Unitarians: What Kinds of Christians?

Mormons (Latter Day Saints)


1. Acceptance of a different nature of God 1. Rejection of the Trinity
2. Acceptance of Christ as divine 2. Denial of Christ as God
3. An additional scripture: the Book of Mormon 3. Denial of Bible as divinely inspired in every way
4. Untraditional rituals: baptism of dead, sealing 4. Untraditional rituals: flaming chalice, water ritual
5. New creeds: faith in the Mormon narrative required 5. Rejection of creeds and dogmas: what you believe is not vital
6. Emphasis on becoming divine 6. Emphasis on individual relationship with the divine
7. Jesus' death and resurrection have salvific value 7. Teachings of Jesus more important than death and resurrection
8. Belief in revelation as ongoing and a sign of Christianity 8. Importance of rationality and reason in religion
9. Identification with Jewish history; dedication to social justice 9. Importance of social justice
10. Authoritarian and institutional 10. Anti-authoritarian