Evangelical Terms

Biblical Inerrancy: The belief that the Bible is divinely inspired, literally true, and the basis for eternal social norms

Charismatic: Stress on emotional and spirit-filled worship in a variety of denominational settings.

Dispensationalism: Belief that history is divided in to seven eras or dispensations

Evangelical: Literally, "of or pertaining to the Gospel". Generally, a form of Protestant Christianity believing in a spiritual rebirth ("born again"), literal interpretation of the Bible, proselytizing zeal, and spiritual piety.

Four-Square Gospel: foundation of many pentecostal traditions, encompassing: 1) salvation through faith in Jesus; 2) baptism of the Holy Spirit; 3) divine healing; 4) expectation of Christ's eminent return

Fundamentalist: One who believes that a number of doctrines are essential to Christianity, such as the virgin birth of Jesus, Christ's atoning death, the infallibility of the Bible, and Jesus's imminent return.

Pentecostal: Also called "sanctified" or "holiness" groups. Belief in spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues as a manifestation of spiritual re-birth

Premillenialism: Belief that the millenium of peace and blessing will be established after Christ's return. Before that, there will be a protracted era of violent disruption, apostasy, and moral corruption.

Postmillenialism: Belief that Christ's coming to earth ushered in a new age that is gradually progressing toward the Kingdom of God.