Pentacostalism, Evangelicalism, and Fundamentalism: Outline

I. Origins

A. Pentecostalism: Holiness movements of the 19th century in America

1. Topeka, Kansas, 1901

2. Los Angeles, California in 1906 (Azusa Street Revival)

B. Fundamentalism

1. 1910 series of tracts, "The Fundamentals"

C. Evangelicalism

1. 1930s and 1940s world crusades

II. Features of each

A. Pentecostalism

1. Speaking in tongues (“glossolalia”) and/or divine healings
2. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
3. Rejection of the world
4. Prophetic

B. Fundamentalism

1. Against evolution
2. Biblical inerrancy
3. Premillenialist (belief in cultural corruption)
4. Politically activist

C. Evangelicalism

1. More connected to mainstream churches
2. Less politically and religiously militant
3. Internationalists (world crusades)

III. Pentecostalism

A.Egalitarian traditions
C.Return to first century Christianity: Age of the Holy Spirit
D.Rejection of creeds, education, status
E.Belief in presence of the supernatural in the world (both good and evil)

F. Living in the last days

G. Work among the poor and disadvantaged

H. Example of Pentecostalism: Aimee Semple Mcpherson (1890-1944)and the Foursquare gospel Church

1. Savior, Baptizer, Healer, and King

2. Founded Angelus Temple in Los Angeles

3. First evangelist to own a radio broadcasting station

I. Worship styles: primitivism and pragmatism

1. Back to the first century: no musical instruments or decorations

2. Experiential: goal is to be "slain in the spirit"

3. Anti-authoritarian and anti-liturgical

IV. Fundamentalism

A. Dispensationalism: belief that history is divided into 7 ages or dispensations

1. Last age before Christ returns will be marked by violence and cultural decay

2. Chief cause of decay: breakdown of morals caused by decline of marriage and traditional gender roles

3. Traditional marriage is the foundation of civil society

B. Biblical inerrancy: belief that the Bible is literally true and valid for all time

1. Any claim that undermines this belief does serious harm to society