Year Historical Events Christian Events

Development of nations of England, France, Spain

Jews expelled from England, France, and Spain

Wars of the Roses (England): 15th century

Popular devotion increases

Criticism of church wealth and corruption

The Great Schism, 1378-1415 (two, and then 3 popes at the same time)

1471-1523:  The Renaissance popes Innocent VIII, Alexander VI and Leo X

Lollard movement in England (followers of John Wyclif, d. 1384)


Age of Religious Wars

Peace of Augsburg 1555

The Hapsburg Empire: Charles V

Reign of the Tudors:  Henry VIII and Elizabeth (England)

The Protestant Reformation

Martin Luther's 95 Theses (1517)

Ulrich Zwingli (d. 1531) -- meeting with Martin Luther 1529

Anabaptists (Michael Satler d. 1527), Calvinists (John Calvin 1509 - 1564)

English Reformation 1530's

Council of Trent 1545 -1563: 7 sacraments, Vulgate Bible, transubstantiation, purgatory, saints, relics, Mass as sacrafice all reaffirmed

Jesuit Order founded 1534

Michael Servetus, executed in 1553 in Geneva for Unitarian beliefs


Puritan Revolution 1640-1660 in England

Restoration of monarchy and Glorious Revolution of 1689: Puritan colonies in America founded

English Toleration Act, 1689 (Excludes Catholics and Unitarians)

Blasphemy Acts of 1697 and 1792 outlaws those who do not believe in the Trinity, more than one God, and who deny the truth of Christianity and the Scriptures

Constitution of the United States 1789; Separation of church and state


Industrial Revolution in England




England:  Puritan Reformation: 1640's

Society of Friends (Quakers): 1660's

Pennsylvania charter 1681

Catholic missions worldwide; foundation of colleges also

Unitarians  (Faustus Socinus. d. 1604)


Expansion of the United States of America; Manifest Destiny

End of slavery in the U.S. 1865

European colonialism in Africa and Asia

Development of nation-states as global goals


Second Great Awakening 1820s in America

Joseph Smith revelation of gold plates, 1830, Foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Smith's death 1844

Millerites predict Second Coming 1844

trek to Utah under leadership of Brigham Young, 1850-70

Shakers and other communalist groups

Protestant missions to Africa

Doctrine of Papal Infallibility, 1870



World War I, 1914-1918

Great Depression, 1929-1940

World War II, 1939-1945

Dismantling of the British Empire

Development of African and Asian nations


Azusa Street Revival 1906

Publication of "The Fundamentals" 1910

Foursquare Gospel Church founded 1920's

Dietrich Bonhoeffer executed in Nazi Germany, 1945

Vatican II, 1960's:  Mass in the vernacular, new style of Mass

Paul Tillich d. 1965

Karl Barth d. 1968

Liberation Theology Movement, 1960's (Curtailed 1990's)

First women ordained as Episcopal Priests, 1974

First openly gay bishop ordained 2003

African Initiated Churches, 1940's - present