Augustine: The City of God

I. There is a city composed of God's faithful, but it is in heaven, and only partly here below on earth

--The Romans were foolish to think that their city can avoid the fates of many

--Christians as well as pagans died

--The Romans themselves destroyed other peoples' temples in their own wars of conquests

--The Roman pagans thought their gods would protect them and blame the Christians for removing them

--The Roman Christians thought their God would protect them, and yet they too were slaughtered

II. Questions needing answers

--Why then, do bad things happen to good people?

--Is there a plan to human history?

--What does God want from humans? Can they provide it?

--What can Christians hope for?

--Can there be justice in this world?

--What is the relationship between human governments and the communities of Christians?

--Can Christians create a "heaven on earth"?