Components of a Successful Weekly Assignment


1. Provide a short introductory paragraph, specific to the text, that explains the text's central point(s) and your responses to it(them).

--Avoid global introductions: People have a tendency to believe . . .

--Instead: How important is it for Christians to understand Jesus's historical context?

2. Provide logical arguments, both for explaining the author's views and your own.

--Make sure you understand the author's arguments and can explain them clearly.

--Make sure your own views are logical throughout. Examine your writing for inconsistencies. Does your conclusion fit the arguments you made on page one?

3. Provide specific evidence for your arguments, either to substantiate or to critique the author.

--Example: "In Mark 13 Jesus is depicted in very human terms, fearing death, depressed and angry at his disciples. In John 18 Jesus is completely calm and composed and has just given a long speech to his disciples explaining the meaning of what he is about to do."

--What not to do: "Mark and John depict Jesus in very different ways."