Excerpts from the Qur'an

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the Universe.
The Most Merciful, the Most Kind.
Master of the Day of Judgement.
You alone we worship, from you alone we seek help.
Guide us along the Straight Path.
The path of the those whom You have favoured,
not of those who earned Your anger,
nor of those who go astray.
([The Holy Koran - Chapter 1 
"The Opening" [Surah Al-Fatihah])

To believe in God, and the Last Day,the angels, the Book and the Prophets, to give of one's substance, however cherished, to kinsmen and orphans, the needy, the traveller, beggars, and to ransom the slave, to perform the prayer, to pay the alms.
And they who fulfil their covenant,when they have engaged in a covenant,and endure with fortitude, misfortune, hardship and peril, these are they who are true in their faith, these are the truly Godfearing.

from the Second Sura