Passion Timeline: Mark, Matthew, John
Mark Matthew John
Two days before Passover X 6 days before Passover
1. Woman anoints him X 1. Dinner at Lazarus
2. He predicts his death X 2. Mary anoints him
3. Villains: chief priests and Judas X 3. Priests plot his and Lazarus' death
    Before Passover
Passover eve: Jesus directs disciples X 1. Jesus washes disciple's feet
1. Jesus predicts betrayal X 2. Predicts betrayal; Judas leaves
2. distribution of bread and wine X 3. Predicts Peter's betrayal
3. Jesus predicts disciples will flee: esp. Peter X 4. Long speech
4. Jesus prays in Gethsemane X 5. Public prayer
5. Judas interrupts with priests X 6. X: Jesus allows himself to be arrested by armed crowd
6. At least one disciple is armed X 7. Simon cuts off man's ear
a. Man with linen sheet
  8. Peter's betrayal
7. Night trial X
a. Jesus refuses to answer
  9. Jesus speaks openly
b. Peter's denial
The next morning: Passover day   Day before Passover begins
1. Jesus brought before Pilate X  
2. Pilate doesn't want to execute him X Pilate questions him privately
  Judas' death  
  Pilate washes his hands  
3. Scourging X X
    Jews demand Jesus's death
4. Immediately taken to be executed X X
5. Evening: Jesus' despairing cry X At crucifixion: John, Mary and sister
6. Temple veil torn in two X Passover eve: Jesus dies, saying "It is finished"
  Earthquakes, empty tombs  
7. Witness of Roman centurion X Soldiers break others' legs, pierce J's side with a lance
8. Only women are there X  
9. Body given to Joseph of A. X X
    Jesus prepared for burial by Nicodemus on a Friday night (Passover)
  Orders to guard the tomb  
Sunday morning    
1. Women arrive X X
2. Find empty tomb with young man inside Earthquake Find stone rolled away
  Angel appears They go get Peter and John
3. Women see him first   They see empty tomb
4. Males refuse to believe Men believe They don't understand
    Mary sees 2 angels and then Jesus
  Jesus appears to disciples Jesus walks through doors
    Doubting Thomas
    Appearance stories to many